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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight, the state of emergency. and the race against time at america's tallest dam. the spillway, the giant crater. the water bursting over the side. then the second spillway the emergency there. nearly 200,000 told to evacuate. we're on the scene. breaking news this evening involving president trump's national security adviser, general mike flynn, what we've just learned. and the controversial images of president trump and prime minister abe, their open-air crisis response to the north korean missile launch. witnesses capturing these photos. face to face. canada's prime minister a vocal opponent of president trump's travel ban, saying refugees are welcome in his country and today, his visit to the white house. hundreds under arrest facing deportation as the new administration cracks down. who are they targeting? the new blizzard hitting tonight. more than 2 feet of snow.
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and the dangerous winds right behind it. and the new phone wars. how some could save hundreds on unlimited data. it's your money. good evening, and it's great to have you with us on a monday night, and we begin at the scene playing out at america's tallest dam. a second spillway in trouble too. more than 200,000 people evacuated. we reported last week, and you can see the waters raging over the spillway. underneath that growing crater. emergency crews can't shut off the water because levels at that dam are already at dangerous highs. with that spillway and another one in trouble, the evacuations. many were given an hour's warning, and some even less. abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene tonight r.
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>> reporter: this is the image that started the alarm. over a gaping hole. now the race to reroute the water causing bigger problems. the damage and erosion so severe emergency officials fear the worst. if the area doesn't hold, a wall of water could spill into the surrounding resident yal areas. this the the feather river already swelling over its banks. if that spillway fails, a million more gallons of water were enter this river every second. more than 200,000 people told to evacuate. the laters coming in by phone and text. this resident said he had five minutes to leave. >> her phone started going off, and we loaded up the kids and took off. >> reporter: dishes left on the table at this abandoned denny's. those fleeing stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. gas stations overwhelmed. >> i'm scared because i have never been in anything like this ever be. >> reporter: motorists tweeting
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photos of their ordeal through the night. >> i have been stuck in this spot for 20 minutes, and i'm not going nowhere. >> reporter: in northern california, now at record levels and in danger of spilling over after a series of storms. at 770 feet high, the dam is america's tallest. it releases water from lake oroville, and a massive hole last week developed in its concrete base toer over this wall into the adjacent emergency spillway. here are the dramatic images of the dam in 1968 leading to that dangerous erosion. right behind me, these are the giant bags they are filling up t with rocks to drop into the hole, and they are 4 feet tall. emergency responder around the scene. one of the solutions to increase the flow of water with the giant hole to take the pressure off
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the second emergency spillway. more than one olympic swimming pool of water rushing through every single second, and officials say, it's working, but this image shows how close the dam is to the town of oroville which tonight is a ghost town. many sleeping at shelters on cots and among those waiting to come home, this 18-year-old. >> it was just beyond crazy seeing that city changed in a matter of minutes. >> so much concern tonight, and kayna is with us live. kayna, concerns with the first spillway in that crater. then the second spillway next to it over the weekend, and major problems there as well. but tonight, on the eve of more rain coming, progress to report? >> reporter: david, officials are not able to lift those evacuation orders despite the fact those lake levels have fallen a little bit, and there is no more water going over the second emergency spillway. they are just using the first one that initially caused some problems, but we do have more rain in the forecast, so david, they are being extra cautious
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out here. david. >> tentative hope tonight. kayna, thank you. we turn next tonight to several major developments from the white house. a key ally and one who has been openly critical of president trump and his travel ban came to the white house today. canadian prime minister justin trudeau side by side with trump. as we come on tonight, breaking developments involving national security adviser, mike flynn, and an apology.will it be enoug job? here's our chief white house >> reporter: as president trump welcomed canadian prime minister justin trudeau to the white house, there in the front row his embattled national security adviser, michael flynn. abc news has learned that flynn has apologized to vice president pence for misleading him about the phone call with the russian
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president in january. they had not imposed sanctions on russia, and then he repeated it on national tv. >> what i can confirm is those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> reporter: but multiple sources to abc news say the topic of sanctions did come up. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: today, the president dodged questions about whether flynn would keep his job, but later, kellyanne conway offered the administration's first show of public support for flynn since the story broke. >> general flynn does enjoy the full confidence in the president. >> reporter: this comes as president trump faces his first national security crisis. north korea's launch of an intermediate range missile over the weekend. >> north korea is a big, big problem, and we'll deal with that strongly. >> reporter: this happened while
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trump was dining with the prime minister of japan at mar-a-lago on saturday night. national security aides rush in with the news as tourists snapped pictures. one mar-a-lago member putting it on facebook. and this, holy moly! it was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that north korea had launched a missile in the direction of japan. wow, he wrote, the center of the action. the club imposed with the military aide he claimed carries the the nuclear football, writing, quote, this is rick. he carries the football. the nuclear football. the briefcase, the contents of which are said to be used by the president of the united states to authorize a nuclear attack. rick is the man. the scene prompted this from house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. there is no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater. >> and jon karl with us live
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from the white house. those captured affidavit north korea launched that missile causing to stir because so many people witnessed the huddle there. i want to get back too general flynn because kellyanne conway said late today he has the full confidence, the general does? >> reporter: she did, but after that, the white house press secretary sean spicer told reporters that the president is still evaluating the situation, and david, back to those photographs at mar-a-lago, spicer also told us there was absolutely no classified information discussed over that dinner, that the conversations about what happened with the launch happened in a secure location at a different time. >> all right, jon karl with us again tonight. thanks as always. something else played out today. that meeting with canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. he and president trump don't see eye to eye on the travel ban. they met today with the eyes of the world watching. abc's cecilia vega was in the east room. >> reporter: their first face to
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face meeting, president donald trump and canada's justin trudeau shaking hands in the oval office and taking a stroll for the cameras. friends? perhaps not just yet. for months, the prime minister has been a spoken critic of the plan to crack down on immigration from certain muslim countries. >> i'm never going to shy away from standing up for what i believe in. immigration is a source of strength for us, and muslim-ka n canadians are an important part of our country today and into the future. >> reporter: they have opened arms to refugees from syria. and after president trump signed that travel ban, trudeau tweeted, to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, canadians will welcome you. welcome to canada. today, the prime minister doing a delicate dance defending his position.
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>> we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards immigration refugees without compromising security. >> reporter: while making it clear he is not on a mission to offend. >> the last things canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. >> reporter: the president's travel ban on hold in the courts. white house aides are drafting a new executive order that would clarify some of the pitfalls of the last one, and with trudeau at his side, the president dialed down the rhetoric. >> we want to have a big, beautiful open door, and we want people to come in, and come in our country, but we cannot let the wrong people in. >> reporter: the president to simply tweet the trade agreement with canada, while vowing a much tougher take on trade with mexico. >> and cecilia vega with us live
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from the white house as well tonight, and cecilia, we know ivanka trump attended meetings with the president, and tweeted a photo, but no official role for her yet? >> reporter: not official, but she has a seat at the table. look at the photo she tweeted out today. she said, a great discussion with world leaders about the importance of women seated at the table. she was next to justin trudeau and across from her dad. >> thank you. there are new images coming in of the sweeps of undocumented immigrants facing deportation now. in milwaukee today, look at this. thousands protesting the local sheriff's plan to train his deputies to act as immigration agents. abc's mary bruce with the pictures tonight. >> reporter: this scene in the middle of the night in los angeles. federal agents waiting in this parking lot. guns at the ready. cuffing this undocumented immigrant and hauling him off. the question tonight.
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is this business as usual? or a new normal? the raids taking place across the country from los angeles to atlanta and chicago. leading protesters today to fill the streets in milwaukee. fear after the president's new sweeping order. >> a lot of panicked families, a lot of just shivers of fear. >> reporter: 680 undocumented immigrants arrested last week. most convicted criminals, but not all. president trump says he's keeping his word. the president tweeting, "the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!" but the family of phoenix mother guadalupe garcia de rayos disagrees. she came from mexico as a teenager and used a fake social security number to get work, leading to a felony conviction. but she was allowed to stay, until now. when she was arrested thursday at a regular immigration
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check-in. >> my mom's a really kind person. she would never hurt anyone. >> reporter: federal agents insist these deportations are routine. and that the surge was planned before trump took office. some lawmakers aren't buying it. >> this is not a national security issue. this feels more like a huge shift in policy to get to "i want to deport 11 million people" and we're going to do everything in our power to stop that. >> reporter: but president obama dubbed the "deporter in chief" for kicking out more than 2 million undocumented immigrants over 8 years. something trump even praised. >> obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. well, i'm going to do the same thing. >> reporter: but tonight, for many families, confusion, and a question. are they safe? >> we're all heartbroken, and we still cannot believe that this is happening. >> and mary bruce with us live from capitol hill tonight, and tonight, mary, some lawmakers are asking to be briefed by the trump administration about
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exactly who is being targeted in these sweeps? >> reporter: the acting director will be here tomorrow. he will be meeting with hispanic lawmakers who are eager to learn more details, david. >> mary bruce at capitol hill tonight. thank you as always. next tonight, that major winter storm in maine. fierce winds, and 2 feet of snow in some places. a desperate rescue of a woman in her sinking car in haw thorn, new jersey. gusts at 60 miles an hour. let's go to rob marciano twaking it all. he is in massachusetts tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: those winds krarngikrarn cranking, and look at the satellite picture. almost developing an eye like a hurricane, and it's moving out, and tomorrow will be calmer here. can't say that for texas. a significant storm is moving into that area, and houston, all under the gun as this system
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makes its way to louisiana, and we could see winds set up to thunderstorms that produce tornadoes. not just tomorrow, but again on wednesday along the gulf coast, and here on wednesday, we might see more slight snow. >> rob marciano, thanks as always. much more ahead on "world news tonight," two young girls fighting for their lives tonight. the victim shot in separate incidents just 30 minutes apart. the search for the "gma" at this hour. you remember the case of jerry san dusky, and there are developments involving his son new. and the phone wars tonight. people can save hundreds of thousands dollars on phone data. it's your money when we come back. ending search for food never that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. try pronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber.
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correspondent, rebecca jarvis tracking your money. >> reporter: tonight, the wireless wars heating up. >> we want you to have more choice. >> reporter: verizon, feeling the heat from sprint, at&t and t-mobile, becoming the last major u.s. carrier to return to offering unlimited data. >> consumers said enough is enough, they wanted their unlimited data. verizon was forced to do it. >> reporter: reviverizon's new , unlimited data for $80 a month. or $45 a line for a family of 4. the catch potentially for consumers who binge watch on mobile once you top 22 gigabytes your data connection could slow. t-mobile's ceo who told me last month why his company's now exclusively offering unlimited plans for $70 a month. >> it's gotten to the point where over 80% of the access to the internet is mobile. >> reporter: upping the ante today on twitter, offering two lines for $100. >> you should look at your plan, your data, how much you are using per month, and asking if unlimited is worth going for.
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and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ to the index of other news tonight, and the manhunt for a shooting suspect in chicago. two young girls fighting for their lives. both shot in the head in separate incidents. 30 minutes apart. 12-year-old bowers on the playground, and this girl in the back of a minivan, and police say neither girl was the intended target. the jerry sandusky case made headlines and his son is under arrest. arresting jeffrey sandusky in state college, pennsylvania. charged with sexually assaulting a child.
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finally tonight here, the primping, the pampering, the pooches now up for top dog. abc's linsey davis takes us behind the scenes at the westminster dog show. >> reporter: if it's true that every dog has its day, this is it. from the cute and cuddly to the compact and colossal. roughly 2,800 dogs, more than 190 breeds, all vying to be america's top dog at the westminster dog show. if this is what it means to be treated like a dog count me in. >> is this a bad hair day or is this just every day? >> no, we consider this a good
6:58 pm
hair day! >> reporter: teased and trimmed. sprayed and stroked. before competing for best in show, these pups are pampered and primed. more than pets, they're prize possessions. >> how much does something like this cost? thousands of dollars a year? if not tens of thousands? >> yeah. hundreds of thousands probably. >> reporter: and the reward? a fancy bowl. no prize money. just prestige. some of these pups might have a known pick with that. >> i love the trainer that says no that's a good hair day. thanks to linsey davis tonight. thanks for starting with week off with us. from all of us here, good night.
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here are today's contestants -- a senior at yeshiva university, from teaneck, new jersey... a freshman at san francisco state university, from coronado, california... and a senior at mit, from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our annual tournament that has, in the past, produced some very exciting and unexpected moments. let's see what happens this year. today, we have two seniors and one freshman. good luck. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round. and now let's take a look at the categories... [ laughter ] uh-oh.


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